Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Below are the CSML power rankings as the current date. They were generated by adding the current values for M1, M2 and M3 for each team as of today. 

Model 1 (M1) is the procedure from last year and is based on normal averaging. So far, this has been the most accurate model. M2 is based on moving averages, and M3 is based on weighted percentages (thereby allowing games later in the season to count more than earlier games.)

NE 2.01
GB 1.95
NYJ 1.91
PHI 1.87
CIN 1.78
CAR 1.78
PIT 1.77
DEN 1.72
ARI 1.69
MIN 1.66
SEA 1.62
MIA 1.61
ATL 1.59
HOU 1.48
CLE 1.43
NO 1.43
BUF 1.41
IND 1.41
BAL 1.40
NYG 1.37
OAK 1.36
TB 1.34
SD 1.34
WAS 1.34
DET 1.31
KC 1.29
SF 1.26
TEN 1.22
JAX 1.21
DAL 1.18
CHI 1.17
STL 1.15

All in all, they look pretty intuitive to me, though prior to the season I would have guessed that SEA, IND and DAL would be higher.

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