Saturday, October 3, 2015


Alycia and Andrey are pictured here trying not to smile prior to telling me that I am the most distracting worker in the lab. (I am.) They are trying to get some serious work done as you can tell from the next picture.

This might be a good time to plug my complex systems course to be taught next Spring. Enrollment is by permission of instructor and strictly limited to twelve students. Four spots are left. The course will make use of collaborative writing techniques to accelerate learning and is open to students from any discipline and any year, though hard work is expected from all.

Our white boards actually do get used for work sometimes ... and yes, Dom's favorite color is blue. (See the upper right corner of the left board.)

Andrey and Evan will be graduating this semester. Thus, we will be looking for a few more interns, most likely three. A formal announcement will be sent out in a few weeks. Some experience with programming is required. Knowledge of football is not necessary, but a plus.

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