Friday, September 18, 2015


Below is an image of part of the pattern matching system that will be used in our forthcoming model. In this instance, the network is attempting to detect the style of play from the Patriots/Steelers game in the Bills/Colts game from last weekend and finding only a 3% match.

Attempted Pattern Detection of One Style of Play

When the network is complete, the pattern matching layer will attempt to match the current pattern, represented by the blue horizontal bars, with all the previous patterns encountered by the network simultaneously. The results will then be fed to another layer of the network that will correlate similarities and differences in styles of play of all games represented in its case-based reasoning set that will, in turn, yield a weighted set of matches with the game winner and the point spread, assuming that all works as we anticipate. If not, we have some other weighting techniques to try before resulting to tracking additional variables.

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